Welcome to Writer 66!

Salutations, Everyone!

Come one, come all to the brand new Writer R 66! What is Writer 66, you ask?

Well, if you’ve been a reader of the previous blog of Freelancer R, you’ll remember that I was a beginning freelancer in a big world of freelancing people.

I was freelancing for a few years before I found a job job, but was still doing a little freelancing on the side. However, I wasn’t doing as much as what could constitute as being an actual freelance writer. Last year however, I literally landed my dream job and I am now a fully employed copywriter for a company here in Arizona; I’m still writing but I’m not freelancing. And freelancing covers a wide range of areas, even though I tried just focusing on writing.

Well, that’s what this site is. As a writer, I’m sure you go through various different styles, revisions, and all that good stuff, so I figured why not make a site where I could help fellow writers? Especially new writers, so they can continue to explore how to write without being bogged down from ‘concrit’ and think they should never write again. Unlike Freelancer R, this site is all about writing, in all its facets. And to showcase that, I’ve not only redone the theme for this site, but will also be redoing the theme for SPANTENNA as well to focus on a more focused written direction.

Let me show you around. Be careful, of course, cause we’re still under construction, but let me walk you through what’ll be here and what’s coming soon:

The Writer’s Room

Every TV show, movie, web series, comic, etc has a writer’s room. It’s where writers go to…you know…write. As writers young and old, we can actually learn a lot about writing, especially in terms of story, plot lines, characters, etc. This is where I go to discuss those things, not just as a fan of the shows currently listed, but as a writer who finds flaws in some of the writing on particular shows. To get us started, I’ll be looking at the sinking ship that is Once Upon a Time, the very sunk ship of The Muppets, and the incredible flawed machine that is TV shows to movies, with a focus on my favorite childhood cartoons.

Obviously, there are tons more shows, so if you have a suggestion for something you would like me to explore, leave a comment or hit the contact icon to the left.

This Was Better

The ongoing what was better debate rages on, especially now in light of Game of Thrones being on equal footing for both book lovers and fans of the show. Here, I’ll take a look at which thing was better – the book or the movie. To wet your appetites, I’ll start off with the one saga to rule them all, Lord of the Rings, the ridiculousness that is Disney right now, and…now that winter has come, we’ll look at Game of Thrones from someone who hasn’t read the books! Le gasp!

And Now Here’s Something You’ll Really Like

I’m doing the job I have wanted to do since I was seven years old. Okay, so I’m not a world famous author, but I am writing for a living and I’m doing stuff that I never imagined I would be doing. From writing ebooks to newsletters to actual books, my life as copywriter is diverse and interesting – if I say so myself – so here you get a day in the life of one.

What about Freelancer R?

Freelancer R will be up for another few weeks to a month, however after that it will cease to exist. Don’t worry! Some of the posts I thought important to freelancing writers are still here and you’ll be able to find them and I do have a back up of content if there’s something you’re looking, but in general Freelancer R will be gone to the world.

What about SPANTENNA?

SPANTENNA will of course continue to chug along, but it will now be an actual part to Writer R. I might reference it or, if there are any fan fic writers out there, I could see myself adding a section on the highs, lows, and pitfalls of writing fan fiction. Again, let me know if that’s something you’d like to see.

Again, welcome to Writer R. Questions, comments, advice are indeed welcome, leave a nice comment in the comment section or check me out on the socials to your left! Enjoy your time here!

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