This Was Better – The One Ring

One Ring to Rule Them All



Welcome, my lords (and ladies)! To Isengard!

No, we’re not really in Middle Earth, but we will be taking a journey there. This is the first stop in our This Was Better trip through books, movies, and TV shows. Back in 2001, some guy named Peter Jackson went balls to wall on adapting one of the greatest fantasy classics to the big screen.

And it actually paid off – the Lord of the Rings trilogy is a must for all Tolkien fans, even if you aren’t a Tolkien fan. In fact, if you’re like me, you’ll actually use these movies to go back and read the epic novels published in 1937. But which is better? Do the books do a better job at storytelling or do the movie hold a better visual eye candy?

Well, never fear! I’m here to answer all of that as I go through the Lord of the Rings trilogy!








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