I’m baaaaaaacccckkkk!!

I know, I know. After a huge announcement about how I was totally going to be updating more…I totally didn’t update. I have no excuse, other than life, work, and more life. However, a bunch of stuff has happened in the last year, so I am absolutely going to try and make a point of updating every week or every two weeks like I wanted to.

So what’s new? Two new shows are being added to the Writer’s Room, first off. What started out as a rant about the writing in shows I love, after getting into these particular shows, I realized that I also wanted to rant about good writing, not just the WTF that tends to happen to make good shows go bad.

I’m also actually going to finish those books I keep saying I’m gonna read. You remember. I’m gonna totally read them, no lie! I also want to start putting posts in the ‘Something You’ll Really Like’ section, so you can actually see what I do on a daily basis.

So yeah, I’m actually going to update this year. Really, totally will!



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