Freelancer R to Become Writer R

Freelancer R will be changing to something a little different this summer.

Hey kids!

So as mentioned last month, I’ve been thinking about redoing our Freelancer R blog to something different and that decision is now a go.

For all you followers out there, I am planning on moving this site, as well as SPANTENNA to a new server, with a new name, and…AND a brand new design! Huh? Doesn’t that sound awesome!?

So when is this big thing gonna happen? Soon, actually. I’m hoping the blog will be moved first, then SPANTENNA, but don’t worry, I will totally let you all know when and where you can now find me.

So what’s this new blog about? As I detailed in the last post, I’m going to turn to more writing topics, kinda like how I did here, but instead of it being about freelancing, it’s going to be about writing in general. You’ll listen to me rant about Hollywood writing, whether I think the book or the movie was better, as well as some new things I learned as a copywriter for a marketing company.

What about SPANTENNA?

SPANTENNA will stay the same – hopefully! – with the same URL and everything, but it’ll have a different theme. To be honest, the reason I wanted to make this switch is because of this theme I stumbled across that I thought would be perfect for the SPANTENNA site, but I didn’t wanna spend $50 on a theme that I could easily change. BUT because there are different options, I thought I’d be able to use it for the blog as well, but the blog is on the free version of WP and…well, you get the picture.

Yes folks, I’m changing Freelancer R because of an awesome theme I want to use on my other website. Work for me, but better for you cause I’ll actually make an effort to update more frequently. What!? I know, right? The summer’s heating it – literally!

Stay tuned!

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